Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Joy of Riding With Your Hair Dancing in the Wind

There was no way of knowing this morning as I scrambled out of bed to make a warm cup of coffee that it would be one of those days that I won't forget for quite some time. The day's worries already began to suffocate me by 9:30, and by the time I got back home with my two older kids after dropping the youngest off at preschool, I was near a breakdown. I had no good reason, other than a general feeling of being overwhelmed.

I had a long list of school work to dive into with the kids, but as I sat trying to prepare my head for the day's long to do list, I heard a faint whisper: "Rest. Rest and be present with your children."

But there was so much to do, so many new words to teach Kate, math problems Keagan needed to repeat. So I reasoned that this was the voice of irresponsibility and continued to stress about the tasks ahead because for some reason my "Mom" reserves were already spent for the week. Even though it was only Wednesday.


I let it soak in this time. Okay, I thought...maybe I should.

And so school work was postponed and the back door flung open wide. We filed outside and I had no idea what the Lord would so graciously let me see in just a few minutes.

Keagan and Kate were entertaining themselves outside in the back yard while I switched a load of laundry and suddenly they bolted in the house yelling, "MOM! MOM!" Scared someone had fallen off some great height or been cut wide open, I ran toward the back door to see what the emergency was. Keagan and Kate both jumped up and down with huge, glassy eyes and their mouths wide open. "Kate rode a bike!" Keagan shouted.  Her dad tried to teach her how to ride with two wheels last night, and I didn't think this would happen for a long time. So I had to come witness this miracle!

And that's when I got a video of Kate riding a two wheel bike all by herself! And it was because her big brother had taken time to patiently coach her through it--to hold the bike steady as she got her footing and began pedaling, then give her a push to propel her along. He cheered her on so sweetly and excitedly as she bravely powered on!

Sometimes I wonder if they like each other. And then God gives me a glimpse like this of their deep love for one another. It warmed my heart so much. A lump of sheer joy rose in my throat and my heart danced in my chest.

And to think: it almost didn't happen. Had I not listened to the gentle whisper to "Rest and be present with my children," Kate would not have conquered one of her greatest fears right before my eyes today. He didn't tell me why He wanted me to rest, but I'm so glad I trusted that He had something wonderful planned.

Of course then we had to move the party to the front to ride in the street! There, Kate gained even more confidence and before the afternoon ended, we went for a considerable trip through our neighborhood where she rode the whole time! As I sat watching her ride later that afternoon, I thanked the Lord for His gentle coaxing and the way His burden is light, where we keep wanting to make it heavy. I also thought of how He is leading her on a journey out of fear, toward trust and faith.

He is leading me on the same journey.

She looked so beautiful whizzing back and forth up and down the street, singing random songs and grinning each time she passed me. She was so proud of her accomplishment--not in a prideful sense, but just in a healthy character growth sort of way. I watched her and tears stung my eyes, but not sad tears. The Lord had lent me this moment--this day--to remind me of a few precious truths.

--Sometimes we need to lay down our weapons of "to do lists" and tasks in order to take in a moment that will either be gone too quickly or that we otherwise wouldn't experience at all.

--Sometimes the smallest accomplishments end up making the biggest impact on our lives.

--Our children are not a distraction from important work; rather, they are the most important work. (Pretty sure that's a C. S. Lewis quote.)

I'm so thankful for His patience with me and that He as my Father takes the time for invest in me, to pay attention to me, to be present with me.

As the daylight slowly melted away, Kate squeaked out every possible second to practice her newfound ability. She spilled over a curb while I wasn't watching and when I ran toward her, worried she'd be terrified and give up on all her hard work, she quickly yelled, "I'm ok, Mom! I just fell over but I'm ok!" She looked into my eyes and said, "Jesus helped me find my strength today to get over my fear."

He sure did.

I pray He gives you the strength to get over your fear. I sure do understand what a rough road that is, but as I assured Kate, the crashes are few and far between while the joy of riding with your hair dancing in the wind is deep and wide.

Peace of Christ to you,

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