Thursday, May 15, 2014

In Which I Announce That I've Written a Book (and when you can read it)

Well, the cat has scratched a hole in the bag and is demanding to be let out, so this post will let that poor thing out already! Many of my friends have asked if I will be writing a book, and I can finally tell you that the answer is yes!

I am guessing that from your side of the computer screen you can't see my heart drumming out of my chest? Well, rest assured it is. Because it's a little scary putting something I've created and can in no way blame on someone else out there for everyone and their Grandma Ruth to see! But here we go!

Let me tell you a little of how this project was birthed. Last summer while we were still reeling and walking our children through excruciating questions and sobering moments, I began receiving requests from other parents on how to help their children who were grieving and asking the same questions that mine were asking--the kind of questions that leave you wondering if you've been right about this whole God thing or if it was just a nice little illusion. (Can I be honest?) They rocked me, and thus began the journey of dipping deeper into my soul than ever before. I knew that God was good, but Keagan had a point--Why would God let this happen? And did He make it happen or did it just...happen?

The hours of sleep lost, the gut wrenching sobs alone in the shower--God used these to draw me nearer to Himself.

I begged Him to give me the answers I desperately needed. Some He did, but some He did not. And I must very humbly and honestly tell you that for a while, I was not okay with that. Instead, He reminded Keagan and me both who He is and what His word says about Him. And slowly, I began to accept His answer and surrendered to the story He wanted to tell rather than the story I wanted to tell.

The desire began to literally burn deep within me to reach out to other children in the community, in the state, in the country who are hurting and seeking to know who this God is as they wade through questions 8 year olds shouldn't have to ask. So I recorded some of the most delicate, honest moments of transparency between Keagan and me and have shaped it into a children's ebook.

This ebook is not the magic key to our deep, insatiable questions. Truly, I don't believe we could handle them if they were lent us, could we? But here is what this ebook is:

It is my gift to the children of Moore (and other cities of natural disaster as well) who, like Keagan, may still be searching for peace in the midst of chaos and for answers to their burning questions. I pray that it brings comfort and hope for the future. I pray that it beckons them one step closer to trusting in the God who created this world where we experience both joy and sorrow. My hope is that it will better equip parents to humbly travel this journey of healing with their children and remind them of specific scriptures to which they can wholly cling.

The ebook will be posted here at for downloading on Tuesday, May 20, 2014. Please come back and download your copy to share with children and parents you know whose lives are different because of these storms. Maybe your life is different because of them. If so, I pray that this project feeds your soul and points you to our God who knows your heart ache and will carry you through to the other side.

Here is a sneak preview of the cover.

Please, if you will, share this post with your friends so those for whom this book was written will know how to find it!

Peace of Christ to you,

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