Wednesday, December 4, 2013

For Boys Too

I'm laughing at myself today. Wanna know why?

So I started this book today:

I'm not sure how I have never gotten around to reading it before, as I used to sell it for crying out loud. But anyway, the book is so far a much needed reminder that men need respect more than love, and in fact, that respect is love to them. Who knew, right?

So, there I was reading this book, taking mental notes so I can be a better wife and in general know how to respond and treat the men in my life.


One of my little men happened to have a meltdown--a "hate the world" meltdown. So I vehemently tossed down my precious nugget of alone time and began the "dealings with." Oh how I hate the dealings with!  :)

After many minutes of unfruitful negotiations and lectures, I decided it just wasn't working. Been there? So when my husband (whom I've already had a short discussion with concerning the book I began earlier today) texted to ask how the day was going now, I unleashed the homefront fury which resulted in his calling Keagan for a man to man talk. This could probably be called "man to infant" talk since the junior man usually only speaks in baby talk and deep, morse-code sobs throughout. But hey, I appreciate the back up from Dad!

"I just don't understand him," I heard myself ranting to my husband. I revoked privileges, threatened, scolded, upper-handed, bluffed, and anything else I could think of. (I know, I should really teach parenting classes, right?!) Then I walked away and asked under huffy breath what I should do. Because, "God, YOU gave me this stubborn child who apparently can't find a way today to even remotely get along with the other child YOU also gave me, remember??!!"


A few minutes later, I returned to his room and decided to ask what he needs. We discussed some scheduled alone time for him, and we went straight to the schedule board and markered it in. He was suddenly smiling and hugging me and now as I type this, he's joyfully and sweetly playing battle planes with both his siblings before lunch.

I picked up the phone and shot my husband a text that all was well and Keagan just needed me to listen to him and be heard, and that I unfortunately tend to forget that. To which my husband responded: "He needs respect. LOL!"


Peace of Christ to you,

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