Friday, August 9, 2013


I've wanted to write this post for a while now and prayed that one day I could, but I have this thing now where I'm afraid to say that I have something until it is resting safely in my hand. (I know--nothing is going to rest safely in my hand, right?)

But anyway.

This is us in front of our new home!

We had an amazing closing team. Our lender's wife made that gorgeous cake for us! Isn't that perfectly sweet and incredibly talented?!! I'm so blessed to have gained friends from all the house hunting experience we've had. Rikke is our realtor from buying the house in Moore that was destroyed, and she has become such a wonderful friend that I'll have forever no doubt.

This key is officially ours since Friday afternoon. It represents a wealth of possibilities, new beginnings, a threshold of healing, and so, so much more. But if I have learned anything from the adventure, the hard journey that God has allowed us to traverse, it's that nothing is really ours. And it could disappear in one short breath. Until it does, though, we want to enjoy it and thank God for His provision.

It's funny to me that they call buying a house a "closing." Because isn't it really more like an "opening?" Of a new chapter, a new life.

The kids are most excited about the back yard. I'm most excited about the door that separates the back yard from the living room.

I kid. Sort of.

We are grateful and wanted to share this with you finally. Thank you all for your prayers for God to continue providing for our family! He has indeed.

Peace of Christ to you,

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  1. LOVE this! And your humor in it! ;) I GET it! ;) Love & Hugs!