Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Book of John Community Group Launch!

I am so blown away by the response from each of you about reading through the book of John with me! My favorite part is how God works. He hears our hearts cry out in longing and because He loves us with such--severity, He gathers others of the same longings together to quench our spirit's needs.

I honestly didn't know if anyone would be interested or not, I mean--everyone has probably read John 2,031 times exactly, right?

No, probably not, I heard. It's that gentle voice that guides me to turn the car around and go meet someone, to send out that text message to the lady who just happened to pop into my mind. When I slow down, take a deep breath and a risk and do it--the response usually sounds something like:

"This is exactly what I've been praying for!"
"Ha! I was thinking I'd like to do this when I saw your blog post, but talked myself out of it...until you sent me this message. Now I know I'm supposed to!"
"What an answer to prayer!"
"I am desperately needing accountability."
"I need a community of women. Even though I minister in a church, I'm lonely."
"I really needed someone to come beside me and guide me through reading God's Word."
"I've been in a dry spell..."

Ladies, I am so excited because of what God is going to do in our hearts together. And I'm really thankful that I didn't listen when I heard the enemy's jeers that this was a stupid idea, no one wants to read the Bible, and especially not with you.

So, let's jump in and uncover what God has for us as women, as mothers, as daughters, as sisters, as aunts, as wives, as friends, as women who are ridiculously loved by our God! And if you didn't already know that, my hope is that during this time, He will whisper it deeper into your heart so that you no longer wonder whose you are.

So here's the plan:
Starting next week, AUGUST 11 (Wow, I just realized that we're starting on my birthday! What an incredible gift!!), we will read chapter ONE of the gospel of John. Read whichever version of the Bible you prefer. I read the English Standard Version (ESV). If I quote it, I will try to quote the New International Version (NIV) since I think most people use that.

Sunday-Friday:  Find time to read the chapter for the week. Read it once or read it thirty times!
Friday mornings: I will post a blog about that week's chapter and share what God has spoken into my life, any questions I have about the reading, any parts that I loved, didn't love so much, or just don't quite "get." Occasionally there will be a surprise guest blogger pop in here as well to shake things up! I'm very excited about that and I know you will be blessed!
I will try to keep this as short as possible and get the discussions rolling for the rest of you!
Friday-Sunday: YOU get to pop in and see what everyone is talking about! Hopefully you will feel brave enough to comment as well! You don't HAVE to comment, obviously, but it is kind of the point to be involved with one another, so I hope you will! :)
To do that, just click on "Comments" under the post. It will direct you on how to proceed. I have the settings where you can post anonymously if you are a scaredy cat! :)

Here's What This is NOT:
1. Me teaching any of you, as most of you should be teaching me. I'm simply going to break the ice and take the first step in sharing what God shows me as I read His Word.
2. A Theology Show and Tell. Let's focus on the heart and what God wants to show us there.
3. A Gossip Trough. Let's focus on our own hearts, our own lives, our own immediate situations.
4. Intimidating! DO NOT worry that you don't have enough biblical knowledge to participate or that you don't know the right Christianese to hold a righteous conversation on here! We are all on different levels of our walks with the Lord, and that's actually what's so beautiful about this. Those of us who may not understand a certain scripture can sit back and let someone who does explain it better! And we don't need to feel dumb or less important, or whatever else the enemy is trying to convince you of. Learn all you can and you'll turn around and be the one to show someone else one day!
5. Overwhelming. We all have families and busy, busy lives! That's why I want to keep it to just one chapter per week and give all week to read it. Some weeks we have it all together, and well...some weeks we just don't! If you don't get the text read, still stop in and see what God is speaking!

Here's What This is IS:
1. Encouragement for us each as we open God's Word and watch it come alive in our hearts!
2. Accountability to keep each other going!
3. A safe place where you won't be judged or looked down upon. If someone is rude or tears down another's spirit (and I just know you ladies will NOT)--but if someone does so, their comments will be deleted immediately.
4. FUN! Let's see how much fun we can have reading the Bible--weird, I know, right?!
5. Faith building! You'll get to see other women's faith grow as we seek God together, and that will make YOUR faith grow!

I cannot wait to hear from YOU ladies! I am already praying for you each, that the space between your heart and our Father's will grow smaller and smaller.

My awesome geeky guy has also made finding my blog easier! Just type in cara yakel dot com and you'll end up here! :) You don't have to remember "Pieces of the Sky"--or spell pieces right that way!

I hope this brings you joy. 

See you next week with the first chapter of JOHN! Mark your calendar to begin reading AUGUST 11!
Peace of Christ to you,


  1. Yay hope this is fun for you and all who participate!!

  2. when do we start?

  3. Replies
    1. Yay! Glad it worked that time! Can't wait! Start chapter one next week!

  4. Count me in. I need this.