Thursday, July 11, 2013

Studying Children

I have been overly focused on children lately (hopefully I will get to tell you why soon!), so I thought I'd go ahead and talk about the kids' counseling.  Our counselor is very nice and jumps straight in with them, knowing exactly what she's looking for in their behavior and expressions.  Keagan and Kate have some more healing to do emotionally, but they are making some terrific headway.

Here are a couple of their drawings from this morning's session.

The first is Keagan's drawing; the second is Kate's.  They are learning about feelings this week and are giving specific names to each one they have and where they see it manifest in their bodies.  (The face is red for sad, the stomach is yellow for scared, etc.)  We talk about the tornado less and less, but I know their fears and anxieties are still buried deep down.  I hear Kate play with Caleb, and her character is usually hurrying to get away from an approaching tornado!  I figure this is very normal, so I'm not concerned.

I have been writing a lot lately, just not on here!  I will try to update more, and I still have a slew of pictures that I have never gotten around to posting.  Life has been difficult at times, and then it has just felt normal in other moments.  Matt and I will enjoy an evening together and then two hours later find ourselves crying over a photo we've found or just the thought of something special that's been lost.  He went to buy himself a new Moleskine journal yesterday, for instance. As he showed it to me, I caressed the cover of it and was suddenly struck with sadness because it finally sunk in that mine was gone.

I never know when something will hit me or if I will catch a whiff of something that smells like the debris.  Even landscaping at a restaurant can completely assault my emotions!

But we are doing really well, truly.  We are sleeping better.  We are finally starting to get some normalcy in our home.  I was living out of a suitcase until very recently for some random reason--even though we have owned bedroom furniture for over a month.  I honestly don't know why that was--it was like I was paralyzed and couldn't move forward.  The act of replacing things is an interesting adventure.  It usually involves me crying my way through a store, so I try not to do that too much!

We have some serious blessings going on as well.  The other day, I opened my front door and found a sewing machine!  I thought it was one of Matt's packages until the picture on the front caught my eye at last!  At that point, it gets a little blurry.  I do know there was jumping up and down and squealing!  I think I remember Keagan laughing at me hysterically.  :)

Isn't God good?

New things are brewing as well--new beginnings and new projects that I will share soon--very soon I hope!  I need to wait until I get more information regarding them before I let those cats loose.  :)

At the moment, I could use prayers for endurance, patience, clear direction from God, and I wouldn't mind if you threw a little of God's favor in there for me!

Peace of Christ to you,

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