Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's On.

I've taken part in a battle. I've seen moments with no sword and far worse with no shield. No one knocked down my door, or declared a siege on my home.

Or maybe they did.

I'm not a nutcase, I promise, but there is more going on than most of us see with our eyes.

You whom God bought with His most precious, expensive fragrance, Jesus -- Satan wants you. Destroyed, defeated, desolate, degraded, devalued.

You who hold your hands palm up, waiting for refreshment from the Lord -- Satan wants you.

You who lean toward that steep cliff with sharp rocks below and are waiting for that phone call from someone, anyone, who cares--who'll talk you away from the edge -- Satan wants you.

You who heard something sweet, who received purpose in the morning and are now talking yourself out of it by night -- Satan wants you.

You who have a dream, a vision that could touch others and point in surrender to Christ --Satan wants you.

He is pursuing you.  

Here's a setback.  

Jump. No one cares.

You made that up. 

You can't do that. You're a failure, remember?

Because you are a risk. If you love with abandon and shout Jesus' name with loose tongue and serve without expectation, others might find out the truth.

That God is love, and love wins every time.

But like every other aspect of our enemy's repulsive nature, his desire to pursue you cannot compare to the depth of desire by which God pursues you.

How much Satan hates you and wants you thrown off that cliff, drowned in that puddle, and pierced by that sword, God's love for you exceedingly and abundantly transcends.

Truth is, if you want Jesus proclaimed and you have something stirring, burning inside of you that is just not "normal" because "normal" Christians aren't doing it, you will be fought. If you awake one day with a dream to see people living in the hope, freedom, and acceptance of Christ, you may as well get out your red paint and draw a generous target across your shoulders.

Maybe your dream is like mine--to help others find hope and to know that God has not left us, nor does He plan to tomorrow.
Maybe you should start sharing it. Your next door neighbor is waiting for something to believe in.

Maybe you're barely hanging on, waiting for someone to call you theirs.
Maybe He's been asking to make you His, to write your name on the palm of His hand. Let Him.

Maybe you're waiting for Him to show you He's still listening.
Maybe He's telling you now. 

If you close your eyes and rest, if you believe in His power and gift of spilt blood,
maybe you'll hear it.

Back off, Satan. That one is mine.

Peace of Christ to you,

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