Sunday, June 9, 2013


Remember my Eleven post? Well, it gets better. :)

So I received a package on Thursday, the 6th from our recently overworked mail carrier (poor guy is probably going to hate us for the daily door step drop offs)! It was one of my crazier days where I had exactly 4,213 things to do and time to do only 200.

So, I didn't open it that day.

The next day, on our actual anniversary, I had a spare moment, so I fetched the one pair of scissors to be found in our house and carefully cut the edges of the package. The weight of this parcel was surprising, and I had no indicator of what could possibly weigh so much. Knowing the sender should have given me a heads up, but truly I was not ready for what I peeled that flap back to find.

There, snuggly slid into the cardboard was a photo album.

And right then, I knew.

I shook the album out of the sleeve and instantly the tears fell. It was from our wedding photographer. She had mailed us a huge album of every single picture she had taken that day.

Pristine condition. Every moment preserved. And in my hands.

Just like us. Pristine condition because of His protection. Every part of us preserved. And in His hands.

I didn't even have to ask. She knew it was what she was supposed to do. I honestly figured she wouldn't have them any longer, so I was not going to track her down and beg for some miracle. (Eleven years is a while to keep random pictures lying around your house.)

I want to share her letter tucked inside the album (now that I have her permission--thank you, Vickie!) because it represents to me how God knows our every little desire, our every heartache--even when we dare not utter it. He knows and He cares, and He causes others to care, to act on our behalf. And wasn't it just like Him to weave my Thursday just so that I would not open it until Friday, on our actual anniversary?

I sure do hope you get to experience this God whom I know, who loves us each with this very same passion. He truly cares for us.

Do you know that? 

Peace of Christ to you,