Friday, June 7, 2013


We made it. :)

Today is 11 years for us, and (once I even remembered that it IS our anniversary today) I have never been more thankful to own this:

It's a little worn, isn't it? But isn't that oh so fitting? I believe God had His hand on this album because I needed to visually see, to tangibly feel His protection over our marriage. In the last 11 years, there were times when we wanted to quit. There were times when other avenues seemed more appealing than working through whatever the mess at the moment was.

I'm so grateful that we pushed through the hard places to find the beauty beneath the surface. I'm glad we hung on when we thought it was hard for the time when it really was hard.

Can I share something neat that my God did pertaining to this on that day? That morning as I was getting ready to leave with the kids for a meeting out of town, I so clearly remember putting my wedding rings on. If you are around me much, you may have noticed that I usually only wear the delicate gold band alone, not the whole diamond set. It scratches my kids, so I just go without it unless I'm dressing up.

I wouldn't have normally worn it all that day. But I can still live that moment where I put the entire set on, even consciously making note of it and asking myself why I would be doing that. Seconds later, I brushed the thought away and turned off my bathroom light for the final time--my precious token of our marriage on my hand.

I hope that made you smile, because it still has me grinning. Isn't God incredible to love us in even the small things? So, today Matt and I will celebrate 11 years of valleys and peaks by purchasing a bed finally for our room! I'm so excited. We've been sleeping on an air mattress, and my body has ached more than I expected. So here's to the next 11 years--may it be tornado free, but may we hold close these treasures from our time in the valley.

Peace of Christ to you,

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  1. God is so incredibly good. He sees the big picture when all we see is the current frame.
    - Alice