Thursday, April 4, 2013

I'm Not a Pinterest Board

I get overwhelmed sometimes at all the high standards set in social media--do you?

Last night my older son got a head ache and then threw up. My younger son developed a fever and a barking cough. Our night was full of up and down minutes--up to grab screaming toddler from crib, down with screaming toddler in our bed to be kicked, pushed, slobbered on, etc.!

So the day after has looked very non-Pinteresty, if you will.

To begin, I got our feverish child out of bed and threw Pop-tarts at the other two children for their very wholesome and healthy breakfast. Meanwhile, I turned on Sesame Street to entertain them all while I grabbed some clothes from the dryer (a hoodie and jeans, of course). The older two are still wearing yesterday's underwear under their clothes (gasp) and I'm not totally sure if they both brushed their teeth. [shrug]

But we got the doctor visit done quite successfully and even celebrated my children's historical success in not publicly embarrassing me at the clinic by nabbing chocolate covered post-breakfast doughnuts of course. :) Then we came home and completed our homeschool necessaries. My first grader wrote a story report that I was so proud of him for, and my Pre-Ker is trying to read BOB books.

So they have on yesterday's underwear. And their lunch sandwiches were not shaped like flowers or dinosaurs. Probably not gonna make it on the Pinterest board, right?

But here's why I'm okay with that. Because Jesus isn't fretting over whether or not I know how to turn lunch and breakfast into masterpieces (and goodness sakes this is good news 'cause Lord knows I sure don't know how!), and He doesn't only love my children if they are freshly bathed.

(And I just took a break from this to go have a knock down drag out fight with a pack n play. Judging by the purple welp on my throbbing knee, I'm not so confident that I won.)

Mercy knows I'm messy. No, like MESSSSSAY is more accurate, I believe! Every time I do something monumentally stupid (like cuss out a pack n play), I feel an enormous weight of guilt that I've messed up yet again and am no longer worthy of His forgiveness and for Pete's sake, certainly not of his Righteousness.

So here's the good news I cling to every cotton pickin' day:

"...but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us" (Romans 5:8 ESV).

I can't think of better news, can you? While I was body slamming the pack n play and wishing it to hell, while I was letting Sesame Street do my job for a few minutes because I'm exhausted, while I went and hid in the closet for a time out because I wanted to scream the other day--He still loved me even then, and not only that, but He still was glad that He has saved me.

I hope you know this unconditional love. The kind where it doesn't matter if you've just read your Bible or if you've just had a temper tantrum--He still loves you anyway. Now, this doesn't mean I can determine to stick with my tantrums just because I know He'll still love me anyway. But it sure does help me while I'm living in the trenches of everyday plain and simple momma problems.
Peace of Christ to you,

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