Saturday, August 11, 2012


So, today was basically the best birthday I've ever had! My amazing husband sent me to the Women of Faith conference here in the city because we heard that my favorite author would be there. I was excited simply about being in the same arena with her and only dreamed of actually meeting her. I'll admit that I asked God a few times to let me get a chance to see her! ;) Oh, how He delivered!

I actually had to leave her talk session a few minutes early so that I could go stand in line to wait for her signing time (ironic, I know, but I was not about to miss this!). She has meant so much to me in my walk with the Lord for the past 4 years. She always seems to say what it is I was just too afraid to say. She always points to the Savior, never exalting herself, and this is truly what I adore about her (among so many other things, of course). So, I sat myself down on the tile floor against the wall where she'd be signing later, and I waited.

Oh how it was worth it.

I was sweating as she walked to the little round table where she'd be signing, and she looked up toward me, giving her "all clear" to come get my book signed. The first thing I said to her was, "So, I feel like I'm you and you're David Crowder." I knew she'd get it. (If you don't, it's something she shared a few years ago about her chance to meet her favorite singer and chickening out! She immediately laughed and said, "Shut up. Do you have sweaty pits and everything?!" I said I sure did and she said to give her a hug! Of course I had to tell her it was my birthday also, which evoked another awesome expression from her (I seriously love her personality)! She started signing my book, and in the middle asked if my name was spelled with a K or a C. She had spelled it with a K and when I said it's a C, she tossed my book down and said that wouldn't do--that she wanted to do it right. She asked a security guy to go grab another book for her to sign for me. Seriously! She was THAT nice. And genuine. And exactly what I hoped she would be. Real. So, I got to hang out right there and wait for them to bring another book. Well, the one I had brought was not one they were selling (I Will Carry You), so they didn't know what to do. She told them to take me to the book counter and pick out what I wanted and bring it back to get signed. I'm still amazed at the way God did this, to give me a precious gift, and of all days, but my 30th birthday!

When I walked over to the counter, I could hardly believe what I saw. I didn't know her new book was out yet, and they handed it to me to have signed. So here I was getting her brand new book that I in no way expected, and I was getting it signed! So, they ushered me to the front of the signing line where I got a book signed again and saw and talked to her again. She said she was sorry that she messed my book up, and I beamed, "I'm not!"

I walked away laughing out loud at the ridiculous gift God had just handed me! I asked for a brief signing chance with her, crossed my fingers for a picture, and God gave me this. For me, this was bigger than just getting to see my favorite author.

It was God whispering to me, "I do care. I am still here. I do love you deeply. Let me show you."

I still can't stop smiling.

Peace of Christ to you,


  1. What a great story, I'm so proud for you, I was teary eyed while reading you so much..

  2. That is so great Cara!! I am loving how long your hair is now!! You look great!

  3. This is the sweetest story!! I have to admit that I'm a little (ok,A LOT) jealous that you met her! :)

  4. "my treasure,my treasure" I'm telling you, as much as I feel that about you, you ARE HIS treasure even more!!! Yes HE cares, and this is how is choosing to show you!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! So glad you had this awesome experience! Talk to you soon =)

  5. That is so amazing! She is truly a beautiful person. I cannot believe you were lucky enough to meet her in person!