Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Under my Nose, Into my Heart

Life in our new abode is flowing with brilliant chaos and perfect insanity! (I really do say this with a smile on my face.) If we're more than brief acquaintances, then you surely know that nothing in my life happens slowly, so why should anything change now, right? :)

The entire moving process was so fast, I barely saw myself coming and going. I admittedly had some days in which I threw a fit or two (okay, I laid myself on the floor and sobbed, which is actually quite funny to me now), but when I finally shut my whining up and asked God what He was doing and why...

He answered.

Who'd have thought? Ask God and He'll answer? No!


So, since that moment when I decided it may not be about me after all, He has been on a steady track of showing me so many things. I'll explain.

Let's just say that we slightly downgraded on the housing situation. And yes, slightly is quite the sarcasm shining through. This would be most of my source of whining about our move. I asked God to help me see why He would put us here. Literally, within the next week (in my quick-life fashion), God showed up in these ways:

1. I discovered a HUGE mulberry tree in our backyard. Picking them gave me something new and exciting to do, and it strangely drew me closer to God. (Hard to explain, but being out in His nature, doing primitive things always cause me to feel His presence more.)

2. I discovered two awesome clothesline poles that hold 4 clotheslines in our backyard. I have wanted to hang clothes up for years, but it was one of those things I just never did. These poles are from the 50's and just plain cool! And here again, hanging up clothes is calming and gives me quiet moments with my Savior.

3. I realized how richly shaded our backyard is and how wonderful it feels to sit out and watch the kids play for hours. We recently put a little pool out there, so the fun has increased dramatically!

4. By far the best: One day I was in and out of the house doing things and upon entering one time, I found two random children in my house playing with my kids--one boy and one girl. They were right at home, Kate putting her dress up dresses on the girl and Keagan sharing the Wii with the boy. I asked their names and they played and played. Not even an hour later, I had 6 kids at our house playing, riding their bikes in our driveway, running around our yard, wandering around our house. A gaggle of girls followed me around, oohing and ahhing about what a "beautiful home we have" and what a "great decorator I am." I chuckled so many times. They were intrigued that I can sew and wanted to know if I would teach them one day. I fed them, I gave them drinks, and I let them help me do things in the kitchen. They wanted to know if they could come back. I was amazed! As I was continuing doing things around the house, it was as if I heard the Spirit talking to me:

"Here's a pretty good reason. What will you do with it?"

Since that moment, they've been here nearly every single day, and the group has grown. It was so fast, but it feels like we've had them here the whole time. Probably one or two days after they first showed up, I thought: How cool would it be if we could one day take some of them to church with us? I wondered if that would ever happen, if their parents would come to trust us that much. I laugh now at God's speedy work because that very week we took one of the boys to church with us on a Wednesday night. I didn't push, much less ask at all. I told him we were getting ready to go to church, and his little eyes lit up. "Can I come?" His uncle (whom he lives with) almost said no as we stood on their front porch asking, but he finally smiled nervously and said, "Well, not dressed like that." I was so excited! He loved it, and then the next week we added two more kids. Then the next outing, we added two more! Sunday morning we checked in 8 kids! The child check-in servers bugged their eyes and asked if they were all ours.

Maybe they are.

The hours of swimming, eating, dress-up, and short outings to stores with them have given me peeks into their lives and what they face each day. Their homes are very broken. Some have no dads. Two have a dad in prison, and they're waiting on another man to get out of prison so their mom can marry him. Some need constant reassurance that they are not getting on our nerves. Some have wild stories to tell. Some say things with such nonchalance that just tear my heart out. But all of them are precious and made in His image. They love coming to church with us; they say it's "Amazing!"

I'm so glad God loves me enough to be patient with me and give me answers I so rudely demand. I am learning that I better really mean it if I ask Him to change my heart and give me one that looks for ways to serve Him, because He WILL deliver!

Thank you, Lord, for taking what was right under my nose and grafting it straight into my heart.

Peace of Christ to you,

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  1. This updated warmed my heart! I can soo relate to this post! We moved RIGHT before Aaron was born exactly 3 years ago, and our back yard became the neighborhood "park." I was scared at what God was doing, it took me a while for him to break my heart for those kids. Honestly, I love filling the van up and sometimes having to take 2 cars to church on Sundays! Praying that you guys can balance ministry and family time. Blessings!