Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dancing with a Plastic Cup

A girl and a boy--my girl and my boy--run shoeless on rain-bent grass and squeal in the thundery wash. The plan was to nap, but who can resist this temptation to turn our faces toward the smokey sky and let the water wash our brows, our noses, and cheeks? Not us, not in the middle of summer when even our bodies plead for this drink.

No toys are needed out here--just a couple of plastic cups to catch the treasure. And today it is treasure, like finding gold. I sit and I wonder if life can really be this simple...if we can really be this delighted in something as simple as rain.

Today we can and we are.

The cups are filled to the brim and so is my heart. Because I see how He meant us to feel when He sends such a joy straight down from His hands. It's simple--no technology is required to feel this gratefulness. The television can't recreate the rain's sound, the smell, the rush of cool on our faces. A social networking program can express that it's raining, but we can't experience it until we peek our toes out from under the porch and wash them in the spilling from eaves.

A reason I love days like these is that I feel more akin to our sisters, brothers from centuries ago when rain blessed their days more than a piece of technology, or a program on the television, or a case on the news. Livelihood flowed from those drops; it meant they would eat, they would drink, they would live. We only "enjoy" it in moderation, but the dependence on it is not ours to grasp.

Of course, I'm thankful for our gadgets and devices and industrialization and how I can twist a knob to draw steaming water that eases my sore muscles. But I do love these simple days where I wonder if I can begin to comprehend the joy and appreciate the dance God's people did when He sent from His hand such a blessing as this--the blessing that was life itself.

Yes, my heart is filled to the brim as I watch my little joys with bare toes as they dance with plastic cups, collecting His gift of fresh, simple, life.

Peace of Christ to you,

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