Monday, January 17, 2011

Giving Them Back

Yesterday we dedicated Kate and Caleb at our church. I was so glad both of our parents got to come and be with us for this! We are blessed to have parents who believe in giving children back to the Lord and will celebrate that with us.


It took me a few moments to notice this since he's almost hidden, but look how precious Keagan is in this photo!


I'm praying I can live up to the challenge our pastor put before us to shape our children into people who know and love our God. I find that this is no easy task, and it feels like I fail miserably at it so often. Guess that's where lots of prayer comes in, right?

Peace of Christ to you,

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  1. From the way you describe your life and your kids here on your blog I think you are doing a wonderful job. The way you interweave your faith into your day to day life makes me think you are doing your very best to live up to those promises every day.