Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Nail

As women--really, as humans--we all seek purpose in some form or fashion. To be liked. To be loved. To be wanted. To be needed. To be pretty. To be beautiful. To finish. To win.

It's hard to rest your hammer on just one simple purpose in life and swing away at it alone. If you're anything like me, I scramble to fasten a few of those nails into the wall of my life's storyboard--one in my left hand, one in my teeth, a few in my pocket (and I'll grab for those later). But I find that the more I'm looking for the next nail, the harder it is for me to hold onto the one I have, and the harder it is for me to secure it in place.

The wall of my life may look unscathed from a distance, with minimal damage. But a closer look reveals a chiseled-at wall, riddled with tiny "one shot" holes where a feeble nail was tapped into the surface. Tapped with haste, uncertainty, weak force, and indeterminable direction. These nails hold no weight, and they serve no purpose.

It seems I'm constantly trying to reach for a different nail than the one I'm holding--a different purpose than the one God has rested upon my shoulders. And each time I fumble for something new, something more, I hear Him gently whisper, "The right nail is already in your hand because I placed it there. Swing hard."

What's the nail He's given you for this season--or even just for this day? Is it a nail of friendship, of peacemaker, of encourager, of teacher, of sister or daughter or mother or grandmother? Whatever it may be, it's in your hand because He placed it there.

So swing hard.

Peace of Christ to you,


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  1. Too Cute! Embellishments......Ahhhhh! Keep at it, your inspiring me;)