Monday, December 6, 2010

Dear Kate on your 3rd Birthday

Dear Kate,

Yesterday we had your 3rd birthday party--full of aprons, gingerbread men, pots and pans, candy canes, and ice cream. It was such a joy, especially seeing how much fun you were having and the way your little nose scrunches up when your face can barely hold your grin. These are a few of my favorite things.

You are one of my favorite things.

Some friends gave you your very first cook book, and here is one of the recipes:

Kate's Cookies
1 part love
2 parts fun
3 parts imagination

So sweet. I think my favorite thing right now about your age and your personality is that 3rd ingredient: your imagination. Rarely do you use an item for what it was intended. You make baby dolls out of plastic spoons and bracelets out of your brother's link-a-doos. A roller skate may be a car for your barbie doll, and the list goes on!

You know how to be rough and sometimes a bit...loud!...but the sheer joy of living life itself is what I find most beautiful inside of you. I pray you never lose this, but that life only becomes more and more beautiful through your eyes as you age.

While I was cooking with you in your bedroom that evening, I realized that this will not be forever. But with each birthday, your personality becomes more and more defined, and I look forward to seeing who God is crafting you into. I have a good feeling He has something really creative in mind!

Happy third birthday, Kate-roo. I can't believe you're growing so quickly. I hope you're having a blast, because I sure am!

Love, Mommy

Peace of Christ to you,

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