Tuesday, October 12, 2010

May 29, 2010

I found this piece I had written in the spring and felt like sharing it. I hope it speaks to your heart.

May 29, 2010
Lord, some days I feel like I can sense you close by. I don't know how to fully explain that, but I just have this peace that you are who you said you are and that you are here with me. I see you in my children's laughter and when they whirl around the garage on their bikes, singing "Oh How He Loves Us" and "Jesus Loves Me."

Yesterday early in the evening we all went for a walk around the block. The sun had just dipped some, giving the first hints of relief from the heat. On our way back, huge, sporatic rain drops danced out of the sky--the kind where one person gets hit on the nose and another person doesn't even believe it's raining yet. And in a couple of moments, they gathered together in unison. Almost immediately, I could feel the rain pressing the heat into the ground, away from my face. A deep, refreshment swirled around my head. We walked briskly around the last corner in case of a downpour, yet not really wanting the walk to end either.

It felt like you, Lord.

Earlier in the day I sat in the garage, watching the kids ride their bikes. Caleb was tumbling around inside my belly, and I could see his jolts just beneath my skin. The thought hit me that Mary was pregnant with Jesus and surely sat and marveled at these very same things.

He was human, too.

I've been studying the gospels, searching for examples of Jesus displaying each specific fruit of the spirit. When I allow my heart to hear these stories, I realize that they happened to a real man. I think of the indignation I feel when someone betrays me. Jesus knew about it before it happened, yet he still called Judas "friend." He was really beaten--something I couldn't endure. He didn't get out of the suffering because he was God; no, he endured it all the more because he was God.

Thank you for loving us this way, Lord.

Peace of Christ to you,

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