Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Caleb's Birth Story Part I

Well, I'm typing from my hospital room while I have some quiet time alone. I thought I'd give our birth story and the journey we're on since then:

To start the past weekend off, I was having contractions and was on unofficial bed rest. I was eating all the fat and calories I could find, too because I knew at 35 weeks, labor isn't always stopped, and I wanted to pack on as much weight to our baby as I could--especially since I had to be making the trip back to Tulsa one day that week.

I really didn't think it'd be Monday that we went to Tulsa because I planned to have my Monday mid-morning appointment changed to maybe Thursday or Friday. By that point, we'd be closer to 36 weeks and I'd feel safer if I did go into more active labor. (I'd been hospitalized just briefly Friday for early contractions and figured it'd happen again after another 2 hour drive in this heat!)

So, Monday morning I called my doctor, but instead of hearing that he'd like to see me later in the week, he did want me to come in that day. So, Matt and I frantically threw things together "just in case" and dropped the kids off at our pastor and his wife's house. I was convinced we'd be back later that evening, even though I knew I wasn't feeling right at all.

I was so emotional all morning, and I couldn't explain why. I cried half the way to Tulsa! And then I cried in my doctor's appointment, too. I had close to 15 contractions on our trip and was having another as I walked into the exam room, so the doctor wanted us to go over to the hospital to be checked and monitored for a bit. He figured I was going into labor. The bad thing was: the baby was turned the wrong way for a normal delivery. The plan would be to lessen my contractions and give the baby more time to turn for a regular delivery.

But that's not quite what happened...

After sitting for hours of monitoring my contractions, they just kept getting more regular and more intense. The doctor came in around 7:45 and did another ultrasound to see where the baby was positioned since my contractions weren't stopping. He had turned the other way, but still sideways. But this time, he was facing down with his hands and feet right into my cervix. And he had the cord down there, too. The doctor was worried that the baby would get tangled in it and possibly risk strangulation. He said, "We need to have this baby and we need to do it tonight. We'll prep you for a C-Section." And within about 10 minutes, I was being wheeled into the operating room, scared out of my mind.

Peace of Christ to you,


  1. I am glad you are sharing :) Especially as my time gets closer, I enjoy hearing other birth stories. It does make me nervous but also reminds me of how capable and loving God is :)
    So thankful you and Caleb are doing well.

  2. WOW!!!!! Congratulations!! I love the name! Can't wait to "meet" him!!!! (and finnish the story!)