Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Caleb Update-Aug 15

Well, today has been disheartening. Saturday night was rough for Caleb; he wouldn't drink bottles very well for the nurses, and he ended up losing a few grams (which isn't too bad). The sleep study was shut down around 9:00 this morning and we waited until after 1:00 pm to hear the results.

They weren't exactly what I'd hoped to hear.

Caleb has apnea (he stops breathing for periods of time), which will lengthen his PICU stay quite a bit it seems. They also had to put him back on a feeding tube, which just broke my heart to see. Matt and I went up to see him this afternoon, and he just didn't seem like the same baby that we left on Thursday night. He had been fed some formula since they ran out of my breast milk, and he spits it up. He was wet with spit up and also had a messy diaper. It just didn't seem like he was being well cared for when we arrived. But I think it was a coincidence, because the nurse who was coming on duty with him came in and talked with us for quite a while about his progress.

He's basically just exhausted. He's hit a wall and has decided he's too tired to climb it.

They also drew some blood to check for any infections, and they did find a small trace of a virus of some kind, which I'm trying not to worry too much about. This could explain a lot, too. He just looked so tired today. He wouldn't open his eyes while I held him like he has done in the past. The nurses say he has the "wimpy white boy" syndrome. I think they're right. (Preemie babies who are male Caucasian do the worst on progress.) They said if you're going to have a premature baby, you want it to be a female African American. Interesting, huh?

So, Caleb is not home, and we don't know when he will be. We're still praying that God will speed his growth and maturation so he can be home with us. But we know this just takes time, and if that's what he needs right now, we have to give it to much as it hurts being here without him.

On a brighter note, Matt got some sweet photos of him that I have to share:





Thank you for your continued prayers for our sweet boy.

Peace of Christ to you,


  1. He is just beautiful Cara.
    I am thinking of you and saying a little prayer to help you through these days that have you so torn. I hope that it won't be long until you are all safe and happy together under one roof.

  2. oh, cara. he's such a doll. so beautiful. hang in there, girl. i'll be thinking about you guys and praying for you!! <3