Tuesday, June 15, 2010

28 Weeks


Here I am at 28 weeks of our big event. Boy, am I wiped out pretty much all the time! I keep forgetting that normal tasks I did before--like giving one of my classes a lecture on grammar for two hours--will completely wipe me out for the remainder of the afternoon. So, it's quite a relief when I can get both of my kids to nap after lunch!

I had another appointment yesterday, and I was both looking forward to and dreading it because I was having some problems. I was glad for the chance to talk to my doctor about them, but worried about being a whiny patient. My nurse said every time I go in and she asks how I am, that I always smile and say everything's good, so she thought I deserved a day to unload about what's wrong. At least I'm not known as a complainer there; that helped me! :)

I've been having a lot of cramping and even some contractions (mild, but still painful) and these felt different than Braxton Hicks, so I asked about them. I didn't have a UTI, which surprised me and was great!

But then why have I been having such cramping? (I'm always worried about being a baby about having a baby!) :) But there was definitely a reason: Dehydration along with my lower than usual placenta.

So, this kid is just trying to be a pain in the rear, I guess. And I suppose he will continue to be such until he comes out! No, he will be loved....but he could very well receive a stern talking-to upon arrival (after we've given plenty of hugs and kisses, I'm sure)!

My heart medication was also upped at this appointment. Hopefully when all that gets worked out (there was a mix-up with a kind that's being discontinued), I'll start feeling better. Today I had to call class off and leave after I nearly (no joke) threw up on a student up at the front of the room. Whew. My prayer is that God will give me the strength to get through this summer semester without having to bail on the class. We have 6 weeks (including this one) left. Then I'll have a couple of weeks off before the fall semester begins.

Our families have been SO helpful lately, and I'm so thankful. For instance, I just woke up from resting-to try and ease my nausea-with no kids here because my mom kept them the whole afternoon for me. What an enormous help! And yesterday my mother-in-law kept them while I traveled to my appointment. Last night, we opened the laundry closet door to find a huge stack of FOLDED laundry! She did all of my kids' laundry because I had said I was behind that morning. :)

God is so good.
Peace of Christ to you,


  1. Drink more water. Aren't I helpful?

    So happy for you. So glad my kids are all here.


    Repeat after me, "Epidural." There. Don't you feel better?

  2. Ha Ha! Yes, I feel much better after saying Epidural. Such a beautiful creation of God! LOL! I heard someone say they believe an epidural is God's way of redeeming the curse of birthing children. :) I agree!

  3. You look great! Absolutely glowing! I'm glad you have so much help and support from your Mum and Mum-in-law. What a treat to come home to folded laundry. Send her around here if she gets bored...

  4. They say that Braxton Hicks is more normal with each child you have? I hope you are feeling better to and God gives you the strength to make it. It's amazing how going from a family from 4 to 5 is soo different. You wouldn't think. We serve a great God!