Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Early Riser, Hazelnut, and a Dirty Kitchen

This morning as I fumbled into the kitchen bright and early (and of course Kate was already awake, too), I looked at my disheveled kitchen with weary eyes. While I was pouring my coffee, Proverbs 31 came to mind: staying up late to take care of things and rising early to start again. I was up pretty late making last minute changes to my online classes. It's just not easy to stay up late when you a) aren't used to it and b) you're pregnant. So that dirty kitchen, the already-awake 2 year old, and the first day of summer classes just weren't looking so fresh this morning!

But it felt comforting in that moment of stirring hazelnut into my coffee mug that even the woman who supposedly had it all together in scripture could never seem to get it all done.

Because it never really ends.

If it isn't one child, it's another; if it's not the washing machine, it's the hot water heater (ours really did break today); if it's not one chore, it's twenty others on the list. Life is busy and sometimes just flat-out hectic.

I wrote in my journal this morning, asking God to give me strength to rest amidst the hurriedness and seeming chaos. I'm focusing this week on the gospels and specifically finding examples of the fruit of the Spirit in Jesus' actions and words. It's making me just stop and think more: Jesus walked out this human condition.

He knew stress.
He knew the push to be hurried.
He knew exhaustion.

And I'm glad...not because I rejoice in His sufferings that He endured, but because I can rejoice in His empathy with me. This helps me to breathe deep and take a moment to thank God for these things I allow myself to stress over.

The early riser.
The dishes.
The laundry.
My job.

And let me tell you, NOT having hot water sure makes you appreciate HAVING it.

I am blessed. Tired, but blessed.
Peace of Christ to you,

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