Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Baby Update

I thought I'd update on my pregnancy since I haven't in so long, and some sweet cyber friends have been writing, asking if everything is okay--if I am still indeed pregnant. I am! Thank you for being concerned (those of you who were) and I apologize for leaving you questioning!

This little rug rat is doing just fine! He (yes, he is still a boy!) is ahead of growth actually--probably from all those Swiss Rolls I've consumed this time. What? I'll get back on a healthy track after he's here. Speaking of that, I have a doctor who is so amazing! He tells me not to waste my calories; make them worthwhile! He says not to just have ice cream--have ice cream with nuts and chocolate and whipped cream on top! Go all out.

I like him.

The real reason for that is usually because I have small babies (or I have both times before), and he wants to plump them up as much as possible. He has delivered both of my children and will this one as well. (This is the specialist I see in Tulsa for my heart--not my regular OB provider.) He is just great. But I think you already picked that up.

I had an appointment on Monday and learned some things. This pregnancy has been very different in that I am highly prone to injury. Seriously, crazy things keep happening to me that cause me to become Superman and perform absurd things! There was the fence scaling I did to save my daughter from what I thought was a snake in the woods behind our house. There was the full-on sprint down our road to catch her on her trike before a car got to her first. Then there was the downhill sprint after our pastor's son who had jumped on Keagan's bike and, in a matter of no less than 2 seconds, was barreling down our slanted driveway, into the road, and across to the other side with a crash.

With these events, I've learned that there are two types of people: Freezers and Jumpers. (My doctor got such a kick out of my analogy!) Freezers become paralyzed with fear--cemented to the ground while jumpers move before they fully understand what their mission is. I'm a jumper. Definitely. And you can't just turn this off when pregnant. Obviously.

So, usually, these events turn into some pain, cramping, and bleeding. It has always stopped quickly, and I've taken some bed rest time afterward to make sure I recover well. Anyway, back to what I learned at my appointment. (You had to know all that first; stay with me.) Once I explained all this to my doctor, he said he knew why I'm prone to bleeding more this time than the two times before: I have an abnormally low placenta. This doesn't seem to be a big problem right now, but he told me what measures I'll need to take if it happens again. Just having an answer and a game plan for it helps a lot. And he'll watch it now to make sure.

My appointments are getting more frequent now, which brings me to my next point: Yesterday I looked at my calendar and realized that the approximate scheduled time for this kid to show up is a whole week earlier than I'd thought. Because of my gestational heart condition (if you didn't know, don't freak out--it's not as bad as it sounds I'm sure), my doctor delivers at 37 weeks to avoid any added complications. This falls closer to my own birthday than I had thought and gives me less time after my fall semester of teaching begins. I've been a little stressed out recently. My summer already feels hectic, and it hasn't even begun yet! My summer semester of teaching begins next week and runs to the end of July, and my fall semester begins August 11--my birthday! Then, just a few days later, it looks like we'll be having our little boy. Woah.

I know how quickly time passes, and I'm really not that prepared for this baby (even though I technically have the major things I need). Mentally, I'm not there yet. I have right at or less than 3 months to get that way! I know I will; it just feels crazy right now.

So, this has turned out to be much longer than I'd planned, but I knew I had not updated in a while on the baby. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a restful summer...even if I can't. (Just kidding!)

Peace of Christ to you,


  1. Glad to hear that you are doing well. I'll be your chocolate sundae support group from afar!!!

  2. Good to hear that you and baby are doing fine. You made me aware that I am a freezer. Anytime something happens I freeze AND turn my head the other way. At church when one of my children gets hurt I am the last one there:)

    Zeke came home to a pink flowery nursery. He had 2 outfits (I hadn't had my baby shower yet and I gave all of Lukes clothes away) I forgot to buy diapers. I was in no way prepared for him and it had nothing to do with him coming early, he was ripe. The 3rd was just different for me, I knew that all the things would come as I needed them.