Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tickled Pink Blue

So, I've learned something: I do have a mother's instinct, and so far, I've always been right.

More specifically:

We had an appointment last Monday, knowing we'd probably be finding out the sex of baby #3. My husband sat in a chair on the adjacent wall as the doctor looked at all the organs (all which were very healthy and actually ahead on development!). The doctor asked if we had any hunches on the sex, and I said they've been telling me it's a girl so far because of the heart rate. He drew with his fancy tools on the screen, and there we were looking at our little BOY'S parts! My husband's face was priceless. He asked the doctor, "Really? Are you sure?" The doctor just looked at him, letting him look at the very clearly outlined goods.

It was quite obvious. We're having our second boy!

Now, back to my motherly instincts. The moment I saw that test stick telling me I was pregnant, I felt like it was another boy, as did my husband. I know it's for some crazy reasons, but this pregnancy (other than being more of a pain in the butt [literally!]) has been so much like Keagan's and hardly anything like Kate's in many ways. But then the heart rate was always super high and the first ultrasound I had with my specialist was leaning toward a girl. Since my specialist was right early on with Kate and the doctor with Keagan was right from the start with Keagan, I figured we'd better believe them.

More pink and fairy wings.

By the time we had our appointment, I was honestly confused. I still had this tiny urge of: "I wonder if it really is a boy?" However, I was just trying to go with what I'd been told so far because I figured these people were the experts; not me. So, I laughed out loud when we saw that we're having a little boy and not a little girl! I think my husband was about to jump off his chair with excitement, although he hid it well. But I know inside he was just on cloud nine!

We are indeed tickled BLUE!

Peace of Christ to you,


  1. Yay!!!! A playmate for Zeke! I am so happy for you guys, even if it was a girl I would be so happy! Babies are just plain fantastic.... except at night! Congrats! Have you already thought of names? Just to throw out my favorite boy K name (if you are sticking with the K's).....Kaston.

  2. Congratulations! That is soo exciting! Good luck finding matching outfits for all three ha ha! Oh, and BTW YOU are the expert for your kids!

  3. What lovely news! I bet you are excited. How many more weeks to go?

  4. Thanks, ladies! I am halfway through the pregnancy, but for me more than that. With my heart, my specialist doctor doesn't let me go the whole way; I have had both babies at 37 weeks and the plan is the same for this one. So that will be the twenty-something of August.