Monday, April 26, 2010

He's In The BIG And The small

I gotta tell ya--I was a little nervous about writing my last post. I was nervous that I was just wishfully thinking. Almost immediately afterward, doubts began to make their home in my head--What if God really didn't have a purpose for this time? What if we were just up a creek?

But God does care and He does have a purpose, and He showed us that in the past week, which has been a fresh splash of joy compared to the previous five weeks. My husband will be starting a new job this week, and he's very excited about it! He's the nerdy type (he knows I call him that and he's okay with it!), so this job of working on computers is just his field exactly. The job is not only what he enjoys, but the hours are phenomenal. I almost can't believe God has given this to us. He will be able to take our son to school in the fall, be home for dinner in the evenings, have a full weekend off work to rest and spend time with us! It's just such a huge blessing! And we're so thankful.

Also, God has gifted us with something else, too, that we're pretty pumped about. One of our favorite bands is Needtobreathe. We both can listen to them nonstop for weeks. Because our pastor and his wife are just awesome, they decided to give us tickets to see them tonight! I think I'm just blown away at how God not only takes care of the BIG issues of our lives, but He also takes care of the small ones.

I'm glad He loves us all this much, aren't you?

Peace of Christ to you,

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  1. I'm so happy to hear your news. It is a lovely thing for a Dad to be able to be a part of their kids day. It will be a big help to you too. I hope you enjoyed your night out!