Monday, December 28, 2009

Trains and Automobiles

(You'll have to click on the image to really see it...sorry!)

Keagan has had a farm mural on his wall since he was 3 months old, and I've loved it dearly! But since he's so into trains and anything that runs on gasoline, steam, or coal, I decided it'd be fun to redo his room with trains and automobiles. He loves it so much, he dances around and laughs hysterically! The joy on his face has definitely been worth the long hours of painting!

I'm still not finished, but I'm most of the way there. I'll still make the street gray and tweak the bridge some. I had planned on putting an airplane in the sky, but I'm not sure if I will nor not. (I'm no expert at drawing airplanes!) Anyway, just wanted to share the photos of what I've been busying myself with all day!


  1. That room looks amazing! I don't know what little boy wouldn't want a room like that! Nice job!

    I found your blog while hopping from one to another.

    Have a happy New Year!


  2. Very good work! Can you do action figures? Luke has never picked up a car or train, but action figures he will play with ALL day. I am really impressed. I am kidding about you painting action figures for us.

  3. That is a fabulous room Cara!

    He must love it. I bet you feel so proud when you walk into it each day.