Friday, December 4, 2009

Surgery and Scrapbooking

I like to scrapbook.

My husband does not like surgery.

But both have been common lingo for me this week.

Here are my scrapbooking efforts for the evening:
It took forever because I cut everything out from scratch. (I've got to invest in some scrapbooking paraphernalia!)


My husband had surgery on Wednesday for a double hernia (we thought it was one, but they discovered two when they opened him). So, life has been different this week around here. For one, I am realizing how much he helps me with things. If I'm on the phone with someone now and Kate is screaming threatening demands sweetly asking to be let down from the high chair, I can no longer ignore her long enough that Matt will let her down. And this will be the story for 6 solid weeks. Yikes!

But he had the best day so far today, which is wonderful! He can get up from the couch by himself now and (slowly but surely) get to the kitchen or bathroom as needed. Keeping our rambunctious children off of him is a whole other story, though! I am thankful that he's healing and also for this time we get to together.

By "be together" I mean: he is watching a show on hulu and I am making a feeble attempt at catching up on the last 3 years of our son's life in scrapbooking.

I haven't even started on our daughter's.

Speaking of her, she turns TWO on Sunday! I can't believe it. More on that later. For now, I just wanted to update on my husband since I realized some of my blog readers don't do facebook and had no idea about the surgery. We were well taken care of, and we're so thankful. Our pastors sat with me literally ALL day waiting on the surgery (which was a HUGE blessing, since I would've been alone...and I was nervous). They also helped me bring him home since he's a tiny bit bigger than me. Our moms watched our children for us, and our church brought food. What a great setup. Let's do this again next week...minus the surgery!

Also: our pastor has started a website called Different people post their stories of attempting to live like it's their last day. I wrote one about the night before my husband's surgery here. It's scary what you think about even when things are supposed to be no big deal.

Peace of Christ to you,

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