Monday, December 14, 2009

Least Likely

I am so glad that our God is not a respecter of persons. Aren't you?

He doesn't care if you're a lawyer or a cashier, a loan officer or a car salesman, a doctor or a trash man, a prophet or a prostitute.

Wait, really?

Hebrews chapter 11 is the coined "Faith" chapter of the bible, right? Have you ever dissected just who exactly is in this chapter? You'd expect to see Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, etc. But there's someone else numbered among these faith giants that may surprise you. Her name is Rahab. And she was a bad girl. Not only was she a bad girl, but the act that deemed her worthy to be in the "Faith" chapter was actually telling a small lie.

Surprised yet?

Yep, Rahab hid the spies--who were sent to scout out her city--on her roof, yet told the king who was searching for them that they had already fled.

If this confuses you, I think I have good news. No, it's not that we can now lie when we want and claim that God told us to say what we have. The good news is that God is not a technicality police, nor a respecter of persons. The point here is that God seems to take the least likely scenario as well as the least likely person and He uses them to promote His own glory.

God told something similar to Peter in Acts 10 & 11 when he shares the gospel with uncircumcised Gentiles. Again, least likely people.

We're blessed to be part of a church that understands this. I'm thankful for a pastor who visits bars to connect with people who are seemingly the least likely candidates for grace. And I'm thankful for a pastor's wife who actually prays with waitresses in bars. These are people who wouldn't step foot in a fancy church building. Our pink carpet, steeples, and stain glass windows are not going to draw in lost people. Instead of trying to draw them in, shouldn't we step out to them?

Unlikely, I know. But that's the message of the bible as a whole. If God uses the least likely candidates for great things, shouldn't we?

Peace of Christ to you,

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