Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How Many Did You Have To Drink Tonight, Young Lady?

This little girl


got into a bit of a sticky situation today. While I was washing her diapers out, she decided to get into a Christmas present I was about to wrap and drink some hand sanitizer. She had two bottles of it, I guess sampling which tasted better. I honestly didn't feel too panicked right away. We have a great friend who's a nurse, so I called him to see if I should be freaking out. I then called Poison Control. Let me stop to say those people are amazing! The nurse I talked to was so kind and took great care to walk me through this step by step. He even called me back in an hour to check on Kate!

The nurse from Poison Control instructed me to feed her ice cream since it's high in calories and her blood sugar would be dropping a bit from the alcohol. I had to watch for signs of drunkenness, basically. He said to watch for clumsiness, slurred speech, etc. This proved difficult since she's KATE and does these things on a daily basis anyway! But I did notice some odd behavior.

It was mostly her tongue. She said it hurt and was sticking it out all the way at me to get me to kiss it. Wow. And she was holding it in her fingers, flapping it around and making more than her usual noises. She'd also stick it out on the side while she was talking to me, and I noticed a few words she normally says clearly that she couldn't quite get out.

Interesting, to say the least.

After the nurse called me back and gave me the okay, I let her take a nap. And this is what she looked like when she got up:


She looked as if she'd gotten drunk and passed out. Seriously! Her first buzz. At 2 years old.

I'm so thankful God protected her while I was being a little less than an attentive mom. Wow, being a mom is tough. So many things to do, and you can't do them while keeping your eyes glued on your children. God is good to protect...and I've definitely learned a lesson today.

Peace of Christ to you,


  1. Wow Cara. That must have given you a fright. Kids are quick and I agree with you that we could watch their every move but we would never be able to live a normal life and keep our houses running if we did. I have a very overprotective friend who won't even let her daughter slide down the slide in our local playground in case she gets hurt. That same daughter is now testing the boundries more dramatically than her other friends and I think it is a reaction to her mums protectiveness. I'm glad your little one is ok, if a little hungover! Hopefully she will be put off the taste of alcohol for another few years !

  2. That is too too funny! I love this reminder that God is ultimately in control of protecting our kids...if we are there every second of every day or not. He cares about them so much more than we do! What a great story this will make for her when she is older!! She's just precious!