Sunday, November 22, 2009

What Will YOU Say?

Today has just been so awesome. God has shown me that He is near in so many ways, in so many moments. He has taught me today to trust just loosen my grip and trust Him. And it's actually a relief to release worries of how things will work and how we will get to point B from point A. God has the map drawn up already.

He always has.

My husband has been off work for 2 weeks, awaiting surgery. And just as I began to draw in a sharp breath of anxiety, God provided funds for us in the meantime. Because He's just that good. And it has meant even more to me now that I've been reminded of this:

We've been given three things:
1. Time
2. Treasures
3. Talents

Our pastor told us this morning, "If we will always see these three things inside of God's perspective, we'll never end up worshiping them instead of God."

Every minute of each day we are given is not our own. It's His.

Every solitary penny we claim is not our own. It's His.

Every ability with which we've been gifted is not our own. It's His.

It's all His. And we're His, too.

I want to live like I'm His...not just say I believe it, but prove that I believe it. If we really are convicted by these things, we're going to have to sacrifice a little. The question isn't whether or not we will be asked to sacrifice, but what we will be willing to sacrifice in order to live as Christ has called us to live, which is: sacrificially, selflessly, giving, not rooted in our own agendas or ideas or culture.

There's a book I read a few years ago with two very dear friends called "This Was Your Life." It explores the judgment seat of Christ (which is different from the Great White Throne judgment).
1 Corinthians 3:10-15 is about standing before Christ (and all believers WILL do this) with our 1. Time 2. Treasures 3. Talents.

And He's going to ask us what we did with each of them. What will you say?

Lord, teach us to live for eternal things more and more each day--not for things that will be burned up by fire.

Peace of Christ to you,

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