Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This is the way we wash our hands, wash our hands, wash our hands.

I sing it all day because it feels like I do it all day.

But since my husband is down with what seems to be the flu, I'm going to keep doing it.

All day.

Hoping your families are well in this flu season. Pray for ours if you think of it. Thank you!

Peace of Christ to you,


  1. Poor him. Poor you! After my third day in a row in work as a nurse I feel I have washed half my DNA down the ward sink. Heading in to Day three now. I'll think of you each hand wash and hope for a speedy recovery, you think of me and hope no naked confused old men chase me down the corridor....!

  2. Oh, you've got me laughing out loud, Gina! I'm going to have to hear these naked confused old men stories!