Saturday, October 10, 2009

To This You Are Called

One morning this week, I somehow ended up in 1 Samuel, though I couldn't tell you then what made me turn to David's story from Luke's gospel.

Now I know.

Something struck me (and I'm totally not making this up!) about the time between when God called David to be the king and when he actually became the king--even more specifically, when he killed Goliath. See, Samuel came and anointed David to be the king.

And then he left him there.

David kept doing what he had always been doing: tending sheep. He went to serve Saul a little later by playing music to soothe him, but that was a transition period, too. He did not get to go with Samuel right away and begin his reign as king. He had to be patient.

And he had to keep doing what he (and his brothers) thought was insignificant. I read about how his brothers taunted him and even called him "evil" when he brought them food on the battle lines. Evil? This was jealousy speaking, because remember: Samuel had anointed David as the chosen one right in front of his brothers.

But God's plan of HOW to bring it all about was a little surprising. David was just obeying his father and taking food to his brothers on the battle lines. Had he not gone there, he would not have heard Goliath's taunting and, therefore, would not have resolved to kill him, which is how he gained leverage in Saul's service, which brought about many victories, know the rest.

I absolutely love that God showed me this BEFORE I saw the message from Steven Furtick in the series "Kaleo" from because it confirms in my heart what He is teaching us. Has your jaw ever dropped when you know without a smidgen of a doubt that God is speaking into your heart?

This is my favorite sermon. Ever.

Peace of Christ to you,


  1. I love it when Father confirms what He's already told us through another person! What a sweet word!

  2. wow, what a great message!! How did you hear about this guy/church? I found out that his wife has a blog?

  3. I'm impatient, I don't think I could ever have waited so calmly for something new. I'm the sort of person that starts cooking something while the rest of the groceries are defrosting on the kitchen floor in the supermarket bags!