Friday, October 30, 2009

I Wondered Where The Permanent Marker Went...



and now I know.

Peace of Christ to you,


  1. You are a bad, bad mom! Permanent marker?!

    Now, I will step off my judgment pedestal and let's talk about grease crayons. Green, black, and neon orange. I seem to recall a little red mixed into the pieces of art. They exited the bathroom looking like the Incredible Hulk threw up all over them. Did I mention their bellies?

    Mother of the year. Yes. That's me. thankyouverymuch.

    P.S. Sorry about the sharpies. Glad they didn't get all over the counter.

    (Where did that idea come from? Not experience)

    Shut up, Nancy.

  2. LOL! Luckily, hair spray took it off, courtesy of my mother in law!

  3. Oh no!!! Glad you saw the humour in it enough to stop and get the camera out!

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