Monday, September 14, 2009

Wisdom Funnies From a 3 Year Old

"No, do not love Jesus anymore."

"Daddy, you lay you gonna sleep."

"Mommy, you so funny!"

"Grammy, use your hands. Volume down."

"Papaw and a big fish and Memo say, 'Woo Wee, that's BIG fish!'"

"I spank the red truck. No, no, red."

"Kate needs swats."

"Good job, Mommy! That's very nice!"

"Thank you, Jesus, my daddy say no more candy."

"Papaw, you not Memo's boss."

"Sing, sing, sing...and make mukis with the hebens!"

"Grammy, eat your pizza." [and stop singing]

"Mommy, Daddy! I skeeered...the cows and the moo...they CRAZY!"

Peace of Christ to you,

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