Monday, September 28, 2009

Of Monkeys and Trains and Cheesecake

We visited the zoo on Sunday instead of going to and missed our church. No, really, we did miss our church family. But we also really needed a just-us-family day.

And I'm so thankful that we got it.

Back to our church: We really have an amazing leadership team and pastoral team who understands that families need time together and away sometimes, and they never turn up their noses when we take that time.

Now, on to the zoo: We had a great time, and we realized that the last time we visited it, we missed a TON of the animals! It's spread out so far, that I guess last time we just wore out and gave up. It also helps that this time, we actually got to ride the train, which gives you a tour of every exhibit. We rode past a giraffe, and Matt and I looked at each other with surprise, "They DO have a giraffe?!"

Kate's favorite part was the chimpanzees, hands down (or up, in their case). She waved at them and pressed her cute little nose against the glass. At one point, she slipped out of my sight, and when I spotted her, she was right in front of this other family, squealing and smiling at the monkeys. She had obviously squeezed through the family to get in the front.

Luckily, they agreed with me that she was adorable!

And guess what Keagan's favorite part was: the train. Go figure! We rode it a few times, to his delight! He was such a big, good boy. He obeyed quite well, and I was very proud of him for that. On our way out to the car, I carried him because he said he was tired, and I told him thank you for being such a good boy. I wish you could hear his sweet little reply of, "You're welcome!" It's a choppy, high pitched reply, and you can "hear" his smile!

We regrettably left the camera at home; we didn't realize it until we were already quite a few miles down the road, and there was just no turning back! So, we only have two pics taken with Matt's phone:

Here we are at the train station, waiting for our turn to ride:

And here's Kate waiting patiently on the train, too. You can probably tell from her flushed face that it was a little toasty outside--hotter than we'd anticipated.

To top our day off, we called in some Johnny Carino's to go. We got there, and they didn't have it made (they forgot the order, which wasn't a big deal to us), so the manager came out to give it to us for free! He even threw in a piece of cheesecake and another raspberry tea. What a blessing that was!

Peace of Christ to you,

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  1. Looks like you had a great family day. We all need those sometimes. Shame about the camera. Thank goodness for mobile phones!