Wednesday, August 26, 2009


That one little word has been in our vocabulary for more than three and a half years.


In fact (I can't believe I'm admitting this), but not too long ago, I actually found one of Keagan's pacifiers under the recliner.

Yes, I know he's three and a half.

What? There's no section in Proverbs 31 about how well that woman can vacuum!

Anyway, three and a half years of pacifiers have suddenly ended. (This is exciting and sad all at once, really.) No doubt, I'm super excited to be released from having this tiny but NECESSARY item to pack in bags and purses. But I'm also sad that our "baby" is one step further away from being a baby.

But I love the way God compensates for this: One stage passed only means another one I will enjoy even more! So, I guess I'm cool with it.

Peace of Christ to you,


  1. Your last statement is SO true. It's very hard to let go, but exciting at the same time to move on to bigger and better things with each stage they leave behind!

  2. you will need to give me tips on this one. kross still sleeps with one and i can only imagine the sleepless nights when we take it away for good!