Sunday, August 9, 2009

How Was Our Trip?

It's weird to look at those pictures I posted last time and now say, "I was just there!" The pictures did portray the hotel very was SO NICE! We arrived in Tulsa around 9 on Saturday night. Keagan was all pumped about the swimming pool, so once we got settled in our room, we changed into our swimming attire, grabbed our--rather large load of--swimming paraphernalia and hit the pool. It was cold! But we had such a great time, and seeing Keagan's excitement was so worth it. Kate was finished swimming within about 30 minutes, so I took her back to the room to go night night. By that time, it was around 10:30! (WAY past her bedtime!)

Let's just say that sleeping our whole family in one big room is...well, interesting. Kate slept in her pack-n-play, and the general plan was for Keagan to sleep in one double bed while Matt and I took the other one. Simple enough, right? Not exactly.

Both our kids sleep alone in their separate bedrooms with the door closed, so anything else is just distracting to them. I put Kate in bed and sat in the little hallway by the bathroom so I could have some light. I got a little time in my bible, which was really nice. Pretty soon, I could hear, "I pushed 6!" outside the door.

Keagan likes elevators.

Really, Keagan likes nearly everything we do that's new, especially things he gets to announce loudly to other random strangers we meet along the way. He loved telling the desk clerks, "I go down!" each time we'd come down from our room on the 6th floor. Did I mention that the desk clerks were SO nice, and well, anyone who gives you a warm chocolate chip cookie upon checking in is a friend of Keagan's!

Back to the sleeping arrangement: Well, I guess that chocolate in his cookie got him wired, that and being in a new place, so it was nearly impossible to get that kid to sleep! We couldn't be too harsh on him because he would just start wailing, and then that would wake up get the idea. So, we put him in our bed until he fell asleep.

And then I blew it. I picked him up to move him to his bed, and voila! He was wide eyed and bushy tailed! I'd drift off to sleep and wake only to find him staring straight at me. Have you ever woken up to someone staring at you? It's just not right.

So, after 1 in the cotton pickin' morning, Keagan finally got to sleep. And so did we.

And guess what time the boogers woke up. Yep. 7 straight up. "Good morning, Momma!" Aye...

We got to visit, which is always an awesome experience! We both felt God speaking to us there, and we got to talk about what we heard on our drive home. After a full day of shopping and playing at play stations, the kids were sacked out! So, we had some great quiet time together then. I can't tell you how nice that was after a day of exceptionally loud squeals!

So, that's how our trip went. We enjoyed ourselves a lot, and we really needed that time together as a family. I'm praying we have a better week this go round. And for anyone who kept up with our diaper saga and is just dying to know which route I took (you know you are!), I did take cloth with us. And it was fine! They actually work better than disposables, believe it or not.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Matt surprised me with an early birthday present:

Love that guy.

Peace of Christ to you,

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