Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bless Her Heart

I always learn a lot when I go to a coffee shop.

Meaningless, sometimes annoying learning, but still learning nonetheless. You know, those women whose conversations are so loud that even iTunes can't compete?

Today I've learned more about women and our ability with highly effective communication and also the acceptable uses of "Bless her heart."

Woman 1: So, how are the kids? (These are grown, I conclude later.)

Woman 2: Bless their hearts. They're doing fine, I suppose.

Woman 1: Now is Courtney...

Woman 2: Who knows? She's up in Colorado now.

Woman 1: And she's got...

Woman 2: Oh, yes, she's got some problems. Out of touch for a while. Nothing like [name I couldn't understand].

Woman 1: Oh, bless her heart. Now is she...

Woman 2: Pregnant? Yes. And Lord only knows what kind of mother she'll end up being. Let's just say she has no plans of being one of these stay at home doting moms, that's for sure.

Woman 1: [laughing]

Woman 2: She says the strangest things. If you could just hear. Well, like she said, 'We'll see if mothers really do eat their young or not, once this baby gets here.'

Isn't it funny how Woman 1 barely has to complete a sentence in order for Woman 2 to give an answer in full, and even more than was asked? And I also like how Woman 1 can seem humble and like she's really not digging for gossip...

Because everyone knows that if you don't ask the whole question, then you aren't really gossiping.

Mercy, we've gone from shoes to teaching to Dillards to broken down trucks to Curves to chicken salad that can you believe she gave it away?...

Bless her heart.

Just thought you might get a kick out of that as I have. Have a great weekend!

Peace of Christ to you,


  1. Thanks for sharing this...bless your heart {grin}
    And thank you for your kind words and your support over on my blog. I sure do appreciate them and you.