Monday, July 27, 2009

This One Girl at the Bookstore

God makes me smile when He puts people together for a meeting that's anything but "chance."

I like it.

I knew right when I saw her--as I sat down to watch my son play with the train alongside her son--that this would be memorable...this would be purposeful.

And it was. And it is.

She is single. But she's a good mom. A really good mom. One who actually disciplines her son (gasp). I know, because I watched her.

After we had made small talk about BIG tasks--like raising kids, I had this stirring in my heart that I was supposed to ask how we could stay in touch...but I was worried. I was a little nervous, to be honest. I had just met her and learned her name a whopping 15 minutes before, and now I was supposed to be nosy and ask for an email address? She and her curly-haired little boy were nearly out the door when I finally let the Holy Spirit push me to catch them. I began with, "I hope this isn't weird to you, but..."

Turns out, it wasn't weird at all to her.
Turns out, she was relieved.
Turns out, we talk on an almost daily basis now.

Turns out, she was in need:

See, her brother had been killed by a drunk driver just one month ago. She didn't even mention this at the bookstore. But as "chance" would have it, she had come there looking for a book, a person, anything to help her through this grief.

I know, I don't believe in "chance" either.

Just the other day, do you know what she said to me? She said she believes God brought us both there at that bookstore to meet so that she could find a Christian friend with whom she could walk out this grief.

She did...and I certainly will. I knew there was something there. I just knew it.
And what a sweet friend I needed.

Nope, no "chances" here. Just a girl in a bookstore and a God who loves her.

Peace of Christ to you,