Friday, June 12, 2009

Disciples with Discipline

DISCIPLE: n 1 : one who accepts and helps to spread the teachings of another; also : a convinced adherent

DISCIPLINE: n 2 : a field of study : subject 3 : training that corrects, molds, or perfects 4 : control gained by obedience or training : orderly conduct

My husband I were discussing "discipline" early this morning, and I asked, "I wonder if 'disciple' is a root word of 'discipline'?"

If you know me, then you know I love words, so this was an exciting endeavor for me to research! Just looking at their definitions really says a lot. Do you see the similarities?

(I skipped the first definition of DISCIPLINE because I actually disagree with it. Sorry, Merriam-Webster, but I don't put "punishment" and "discipline" in the same arena. They are different.)

Discipline doesn't always refer to being reprimanded. It also means to develop an ability to maintain control over certain aspects of one's life, such as particular desires, habits, etc.

When I read Jesus' words, I see time and time again where He purposed to train, correct, mold, and perfect those who followed Him. And when asked, "How can we do this?", He would respond with, "Obedience."

Pretty neat, huh?

If we want to be DISCIPLES of Christ, we must allow Him to generate DISCIPLINE in our lives...even in the places we don't necessarily want discipline.

In our schedules.
In our budgets.
In our diets.
In our health.
In our entertainment.
In our activities.
In our relationships.
In our study.

This is no small order, but it has a big return.

Peace of Christ to you,

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Merriam-Webster, Inc. Philippines, 1997.