Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Way It's Supposed To Be

Something happened tonight that absolutely melted my heart, and I just need to share it.

It's not too often that you find a man who is strong enough to be an incredible father who loves his children and will actively play that role of "daddy" out...but I have no doubt that my husband is just that.

We arrived at Wal*Mart in Ft. Smith after dinner with some friends. It was late, so that was mostly the reason that Keagan was going crazy. But still, it had to be dealt with. So, we wheeled the shopping cart over to the bathroom, all the while with Keagan screaming like he was severely wounded. I won't begin with the looks we received. (Let's just say we were not welcome.)

I waited outside the bathroom with Kate, who I might add was being perfect. She kept looking up at me with her enormous blue eyes as if to say, "What's Bubba so mad about?" I heard Matt discipline Keagan inside the bathroom. Meanwhile, an older man brushed past me to enter the bathroom. I continued to wait until after a few short minutes I could hear Keagan calm down, and then pretty soon, he came walking around the corner looking like a completely different kid. Just seconds later, the same gentleman who'd gone in came out. He looked at Keagan in the basket and at Matt, and because I was half expecting him to give me the same look others had already lavished upon me, I was surprised at what happened next: He looked straight at me in the eyes and said, "Every father should talk to their children the way I just heard him do." I immediately grinned and said, "Thank you."

My heart sang. I have no idea what he said in there to our little boy, and I don't even have to know. What I do know is this: I AM SO BLESSED. I looked at Matt and it soaked in a little deeper this time what an amazing daddy he is to our children. I don't even know what it's like to have to worry about leaving my children alone with my husband. I never have to worry that he will mistreat them in any way or even do things as simple as forget to take care of them somehow. He loves our children so much, and that is evident even to strangers.

I think you could say I'm living my dream out right now.

God is simply amazing...and so is my husband Matt! I sure do love him!

Peace of Christ to you,


  1. sweet story...I share the same admiration for my husband, we are both lucky:) Let me know next time you go to Wal-mart, you have some great stories to share from there. In fact I think you should write a book "what I learned at Wal-mart with my 3 year old" or "parenting moments isle 11"

  2. Oh how we long for our children to grow into godly young adults who walk daily with Him. How great that your children have a godly example of this.

    Discipline is a necessary part of parenting to remind us, as parents, of our desperate need for Christ and his forgiveness. We serve a faithful and gracious God who loves and cares for our children even more than we do.

  3. Your husband is my hero. That is an amazing story. Praise Jesus!