Friday, December 12, 2008

Diaper Diaries

There's a lot to learn from a diaper, I learned yesterday.

Since Keagan had started saying, “Diaper,” getting one out of the drawer, lying down, and then proceeding to try doing it himself, I thought to myself: “It's time to potty train.” I talked it over with Keagan, and I showed him his “big boy” underwear. He was ecstatic and insisted on sprinting around the house in nothing but his tidy whities right away. Oh, what freedom!

I explained that big boys don't wear diapers, and they don't pee pee in their big boy underwear either. He said he understood.

As we proceeded and managed to potty numerous times in the big boy potty chair, Keagan began figuring out that this whole growing up thing was a lot of work. And it wasn't fun. We have to stop building bridges and tunnels with our Mega Blocks and press pause on Larry Boy and pee pee when we're still sleepy from just waking in the morning and right after nap time.

It takes a lot of effort.

Yesterday I noticed that Keagan was beginning to struggle with the effort. After going potty, he said, “Diaper!” with passionate despair and anguish in his eyes. “No, you're a big boy now, remember?” I gently tried to encourage. He shook his head, “Want diaper!”

After a few times of this scene throughout the day, he broke down and wailed. We sat in a chair and I began my diaper pep talk. I told him how I know that it's hard to grow up, and that it would be so much easier just to go back to the diaper where he won't have to remember to go to the potty, where he can poop and wait for Mommy to clean it up...because she always does. But that he can't possibly wear diapers forever! I told him that if he'd just work hard now and get through this stage, it will be so much better on the other side. Underwear provides so much freedom! He could play outside and run faster without so much extra baggage on the booty. He can go swimming better, and so many other big boy activities! And I told him he doesn't have to do it on his own; I'm here to help him.

Right in the middle of my diaper speech, I felt a gentle nudge in my heart.

What about your diaper?

What diaper? I don't wear a diaper, Lord; I'm 26 years old!

I think you know what diaper I'm talking about.

What? My fear of dealing with things? That's not really a diaper. That's just my personality. I'm a worrier. You made me that way, Lord. So really, it's your fault.


Okay, Lord, that wasn't right. What am I worrying about? The changes our family is trying to make? The job Matt's about to start on Monday? The painful issues You're making us face head on? Oh, those diapers.

So there I had it: I am a 26 year old in a diaper.

Lord, I need you to potty train me and walk me through this hard time. Remind me that even if I pee my pants, you'll clean me up and we'll try it again. I love you.


  1. Great post and I can totally relate to all of it!

  2. I LOL'd at the end. I love this post! Poignant, yet painfully funny. I'm glad you have a sense of humor in all of this. God will potty train you, it took me 25 years and I still have "accidents"!

  3. You are so amazing for listening to God & for doing your best to be such a wonderful mother. I am prod to call you my friend and even more so to call you my wife. I also glad that God has allowed us to be together. Thanks for sticking with me through aloof my diaper changes. Wow there has been some dusies. I love you with all my heart.

  4. I laughed too at that story! It's amazing how God uses our kids and "teachable moments" to teach us as parents!! Great story!