Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Prayer of Passion

There seems to be no other explanation other than: God is teaching me to pray for others.

Our neighbor's wife was waiting for lung cancer to take her life within six months, but she died suddenly from a brain aneurysm on Saturday evening. We only found out last night, although I had a gut feeling on Sunday that something had happened. Did I act on this? Of course not.

How much had I been praying for her...not just a simple little “Lord, heal her body” prayer, but a deep, heart-wrenching prayer for salvation and peace. Sadly, very little.

Now, a family member may be facing a brain tumor; tests to confirm this are scheduled for tomorrow morning at 6:50. Please pray during this time. God can heal absolutely. Amazingly, this person has expressed a desire for God's will to be done and is thankful for the blessings thus far. There is not even a hint of anger.

I am speechless.

Before I heard this news, I read Jesus' prayer for himself, his disciples, and the world in John 17. The passion here is nearly audible. Jesus loved these men deeply; they were his closest friends—the ones with whom he spent the most rigorous times, yet the most joyful times. I can imagine that they shared an equal amount of tears as well as laughs together. This was his family on earth, whom he dearly loved.

Prayer is sometimes a last resort, when it should never cease in the first place.

Lord, teach me to pray with passion and fervency for Your people.

Peace of Christ to you,

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