Saturday, August 23, 2008

Elmo Loves Keagan and Kate

And Keagan and Kate certainly love Elmo back!
We took them to the Convention Center this morning to see Elmo Makes Music live.

I think Kate may have had a better time than Keagan did! She wore herself out jumping quite vigorously up and down on my lap and squawking every time they sang! She has recently
developed a habit of rocking constantly, which is me made over. Needless to say, she LOVES music! Keagan had a few...moments throughout the show. Those things are just a little too lengthy for little ones! But he did enjoy it, and we're glad we took him!



  1. does Elmo love me too, I am very glad that we took them, even though it got a little stressful a couple of times I had fun

  2. Bear and the Big Blue House. That was my first adventure into the singing, dancing, furry things. Zach loved it though. Next it was Seasome street. abby was not impressed. We spent the last half of the show in the lobby with the $20 baloons. Zach still liked it though. Kids are fun.