Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Keagan’s First E.R. Visit

I write today with a heart of thanksgiving for how God protected my son. Sunday night Matt and I took the kids out bike riding. The weather was nice with a cool breeze, and it just seemed perfect. We were on our street, just a few hundred feet down from our house. We were actually headed back home, just talking and enjoying the time. Suddenly (and I do mean SUDDENLY), Matt's bike just started wobbling this way and that, and in an instant, they crashed. The bike shoved Matt to the left, and Keagan (being strapped in the infant seat on the bike) went to the right. I cannot erase the image of his head meeting the pavement from my mind. Everything slowed down at that moment. I nearly forgot I had Kate on the back of my own bike; Matt had to remind me of this so I didn't jump off and run over to them. All I could do immediately was scream and yell at someone...who happened to be Matt. I wasn't very kind, which I regret. Luckily, he loves me and forgives me easily.

Matt frantically got Keagan out of the seat and stood him up on the street. Keagan immediately began vomitting, and of course that scared me to death! I grabbed Kate out of her seat, and we ran up to the house, leaving the bikes in the road of course. I had forgotten my wallet in my bike pouch, and only remembered it right before we left, so I had to run back to get it. I was SO tired on that run. My mind would not function properly, either, in those moments. I could not get my brain to comprehend how to fasten Kate's car seat belt. Matt kept having to tell me to breathe and that he needed me. All I could do was wail (very loudly) and shallowly breathe. At that moment, I truly didn't know if Keagan would be okay or not. He was really out of it, and his eyes looked weird to me. He kept trying to slip off into sleep, so the entire drive to the hospital, I kept shaking his little legs and talking to him to keep him alert.

We were there no more than 2 or 3 minutes when some of our friends showed up to help us out. They took care of Kate, which was an enormous help. I could barely talk to the admit lady because I still had not fully caught my breath. She was very patient with us, though. They got us in very quickly, I suppose because it was a head trauma, which tends to be more cause for concern than some injuries. Before I knew it, they were already taking him back for a CT scan. I still cannot believe what a good boy he was through the whole thing. He cooperated so well in the scan. The thing that made him the most angry was the neck brace that he had to wear. He doesn't like to be restrained in any way. His Papaw got there and helped calm him down and make him laugh, though. Our good friend Matt is a nurse at the hospital, so his presence helped our case out tremendously. They looked over the CT scan and thought it looked pretty good. They couldn't send it off to the professional because of some power or technical difficulty, so we actually got to leave fairly quickly. We just had to monitor him for a while.

When we got home, we let him eat grape Popsicles. He watched a Veggietale and then climbed in his bed. He was sheerly exhausted. And so were we.

We are just so thankful that he is okay. It wasn't looking good at first, but the timing of when our friends were called and started praying and the rate of his improvement shows how powerful prayer is. So, thank you to everyone who prayed for us and those who came and helped us out.

Keagan is much better now. He was tired and sore on Monday, but now is fully back to being Keagan, if you know what I mean!



  1. The tears are rolling down my cheeks right now.....it brings back so many memories. I have felt all of the same fears, confusion, and disorientation. Praise God for His mighty power!!

  2. Well, we can now officially tell him his Daddy dropped him on his head. I'm proud of you for being so corageous. That had to be scary. =)