Thursday, April 10, 2008


I'm a follower of Christ, a lover of my husband, and a mommy of my children. My family and I made a trek to a big city from a small town on BIG faith that God was calling us there for a reason bigger than ourselves. And here we are, doing our best to live that out. God has done HUGE things for us. We love our church ( and leading the groups that have been entrusted to us. These people are shaping us and helping us draw closer to Christ.

I married this guy in June of 2002...


...and it just keeps getting better.


In January of 2006, we had this little guy--Keagan, our first child.


Then, in December of 2007, Keagan got a new baby sister--Kate.

PhotobucketAnd the newest addition to our family arrived on August 2, 2010--Caleb.


Our Family Now:

I like to:

eat good food

write...nearly anything
give piggy back rides
laugh out loud (okay, really loud)
make ridiculous sound effects

date my husband
read (scripture, parenting, theology, etc.)
drink coffee in the morning
let music lift my spirit and recreate memories
run around barefoot outside
spend time with my girl friends
cook (especially when I find a dish my family loves)

try new fragrances for my scentsy warmers
edit (even subconsciously) random pieces of writing
walk through cemeteries (I know)
meet "random" people in public

We traded this:

For this:

And there's no telling what God has for us next! For now, we are breathing life in here!


  1. That is such a fabulous wedding photo Cara. You look so young and happy. I got married when I was 22 and a lot of people thought I was too young. 13 years on I am happy to prove them wrong in the best possible way. By being happily married! This is my first time clicking on the tabs on the top of your blog. It is lovely to see so many pictures of you. I feel I know your kids because they are in many of your blog posts but like most mums you must generally take the pictures instead of being in them!

  2. Hello, I love your blog and those beautiful photos you have. I'm Mexican and I am happily married to my husband. I have a beautiful baby of one year old and he brings me up side down and I adore him, he is my complete life. I have 37 years old and I am forever dedicated to my husband, baby and to build a website to express my love for children. I'm collecting blog links to include them on my page, I hope to have your permission.

  3. Thank you, Rosaura. Nice to "meet" you! And yes, you may use a link to my site. Thank you and God bless you and your family!